Ultimate Conclusions Studies

This page provides links to various articles and particular studies that grew out of Ultimate Conclusions. They are available in PDF. Please click on a title and a new tab on your browser will open to the URL and the download should begin automatically.

Antinomianism Bullet Points  – 2 Pages

A bullet-point introduction to the doctrine of antinomianism and especially the following article (below). 

Antinomianism: A Modern Heresy – 22 Pages

This article attempts to show some of the many faces and sentiments of this fast-growing, ancient heresy, and refute it, largely relying on 18th Century holiness methodist theologian–John Fletcher–’s 5 Checks to Antinomianism. Sorry I couldn’t come up with a better name. This article directly or indirectly addresses subjects such as:
– Law vs Grace
– “Greasy Grace”
– Once Saved, Always Saved (or Once in Grace, Always in Grace)
– Salvation or Justification by Works or Faith, or both?
– The Fruit of Saving Faith, and its Necessity for Our Justification on Judgment Day

Divine Healing Training – Curry Blake55 Pages

This is an analysis with transcriptions, portions, notes and excerpts, of Curry Blake’s 16 hour +, 19 session audio teaching seminar on Divine Healing Training, otherwise known as 170MB download: Divine Healing Technician. Curry Blake is the current president of John G. Lake Ministries. It was my original belief that by studying Blake’s material I could save time that would have otherwise been invested in studying Lake, Wigglesworth, and other divine healers.

Judgment Day – 6 Pages

In attempts to find biblical support for the first 9 verses of the pseudepigraphal Book of Enoch, an amazing wealth of knowledge was found in the Scriptures concerning Judgment Day. Beginning with the prophets and continuing through the apostles, the Bible openly and repetitively declares a day is coming on which God will judge the world. This brief study shows things such as:
– How God Will Judge the World
– If any are Exempt from this Judgment
– The Saints Part to Play in this Judgment
– Why this Day of Judgment is Delayed
– The Importance that Scripture Gives to this Day

Is Physical Healing a Part of Salvation? – 5 Pages

Investigates the premise that healing and salvation are merely two different English renderings of the same Greek word found in the Bible.

Did Jesus heal ALL that came to Him?3 Pages

Yes. Scripture shows that He healed all that came to him of their own free will in faith.

A Brief Look at the Phrase “The Clergy” – 4 Pages

Briefly looks at the biblical Greek words from which “clergy” and “laity” are derived, and attempts to show that their use, when applied to New Testament believers bears no fundamental difference.