Studies Begun

(but not finished):

Divine Physical Healing

– Physical Healing Guaranteed in the Atonement? 
– Critical review of Dr. T. J. McCrossan’s book Bodily Healing in the Atonement

Divorce and Remarriage

This study is HUGE! 
Positions Considered:
– Extreme and conservative
– Early Church, Roman Catholic, Anabaptist, Presbyterian and Assemblies of God
– Espousal View 
– “Marriage is indissoluble”
– Divorce is sinful unless on grounds of fornication
– “Put Away” does not equal Divorce 
– Covenant VS Contract 
– Mosaic Divorce Provision Abrogated by Christ
– Mosaic Divorce Provision Further Specified by Christ 
– Dr. David Instone-Brewer, Anglican scholar
– Philip Brown II, Methodist Scholar
– Walter L. Callison, Baptist Minister
Specific Inquiries/Studies/Research 
– What does the word πορνεία (fornication) mean as referred to by Christ in Matthew 5:32, and does it INclude or EXclude adultery? 
– Does the word χωρίζω (leave, separate, depart) as seen in Mat. 19:6; Mark 10:9 and 1 Cor. 7:10-11 & 15 mean divorce in these contexts or something else?
+ Much more! 

Transubstantiation & Sacrifice of The Mass


Restoration Theology

(aka “Hebrew/Jewish Roots”)

“Foundation of the World” in Scripture

A look at the phrases “From/Since the Foundation of the World” and “Before the Foundation of the World” used in the New Testament.