Resources Available for Purchase

This page provides links to resources available for purchase. Please click on a link to be redirected to the resource site in a new tab on your browser. 

The Revival Study Bible

With a focus on Revival, this 1900+ pg NKJV study Bible, boasts a study chain ≥ in length to the original Thompson Study Chain, and features revival accounts, biographical snippets on both historic and modern revivalists, extracts from key sermons preached, and articles and study notes by renowned revivalists. Every RSB (hardcopy, English edition) is accompanied by Bible Research Corporation’s Classical Theological Library (DVD), containing hundreds of books, articles, sermons, and journals useful to students of revival. (Please go here to view a listing of titles) The BRC’s Classic Theological Library is itself worth far more than the price of the gold-leafed, leather-bound bible alone, so buyers shouldn’t take offense at what appears to be an elevated price. 
     Australia/New Zealand Orders The RSB is available in Australia and in New Zealand through various vendors. If you would like to support my father Winkie Pratney and/or his ministry through the purchase of one, please contact me here. If I am unable to assist you with a RSB purchase in Australia/New Zealand I should be able to direct you to a group that can.
     USA Orders
The RSB is available in the United States through various vendors. If you would like to support a particular general editor of the RSB (such as my father or Dr Tamara Winslow) and/or their ministry through the purchase of one, please purchase through their site directly:  
(General Editor) Winkie Pratney (Paypal Checkout; ships internationally)
(General Editor) Dr. Tamara Winslow (Square Checkout; USA addresses only)
(General Editor) Rev. Steve Hill (no longer available through the late Rev. Hill’s ministry’s website)

The Daniel Files (Lulu Paperback)

A life-skills manual originally written for Generation X based on Daniel 1:3-20, by William and Winkie Pratney

Conversations with Fathers of the Faith

Hear spiritual wisdom from modern “fathers of the faith” in this groundbreaking DVD series hosted by Dave Buehring ( Revealing personal and practical insights, six well-known veterans in their own right in the faith, discuss in fireside chat style some of the vital lessons they’ve learned and share on key themes pertinent to their particular areas of specialty.