Intestinal Formula #1

Helped Save Winkie Pratney’s Life


The following letter was written and sent in to Dr. Richard Schulze (American Botanical Pharmacy), as a testimony of how his formula was used to help save the life of my father, Winkie Pratney, in 2007.  The section found following the sign off contains further details and was also sent in to Dr. Schulze. The exact way the formula was administered may be found in an additional section proceeding the extra details section. 


Dear Dr. Schulze,
Intestinal Formula #1 helped save my father’s life!
I had just flown in to South Korea from the Sudan, Africa.  I had been there with a medical team carrying out missionary work.  My father, a well-known Christian youth evangelist and Bible teacher, after 3 major surgeries in a university hospital lay in a drug-induced coma, having had his appendix and 20 cm of bowel removed.  My mother and I stood over his poor body maintained by machines, swollen twice its normal size with fluid they were pumping into him.  He had suffered a strangulated, perforated bowel, with many fissures throughout.  Fecal matter had leaked into his abdominal cavity, and they had him on three major antibiotics simultaneously, countering the massive infection spreading throughout his abdomen and into his groin.  I counted 11 tubes either going in to, or coming out of him.  His kidneys had begun to fail, and he was on 24-hour dialysis.  He was on a ventilator to keep him breathing – fluid began to fill an area between his lungs and chest cavity, making breathing difficult. (They later removed at least 5 cups of fluid) His heart rate at times would skyrocket – I noted it going above 190 BPM.
Mom had come in with a family friend from their homeland in New Zealand (I’m a Texan), after hearing word of Dad’s condition.  I had forgone the final leg of my scheduled journey with my team in Africa.  Dad had flown in the week prior, to speak at a church-hosted leadership conference being held there. Needless to say, he never made it to the conference.  He ended up going straight from the airport to the hospital.  Looking down on him in that bed in intensive care, we all honestly did not know if he was going to make it.
The next day I met with Dr. H–, his chief surgeon and the main doctor responsible for his care. He explained to me what they were trying to do for him. Dialysis for his failing kidneys, a ventilator for his troubled breathing, antibiotics for his rampant abdominal infection.  But his ravaged colon had now shut down.  And there was nothing they could do to restart it.
Believing a lower hernia to be the cause of all his problems, they surgically repaired it, and all was thought to be well.  But two days later he suddenly fell very ill and was returned to the operating table, where they performed exploratory surgery on him and found a perforated colon, part of it internally strangulated, with fissures, leaking fecal matter.  They performed a resection on the colon, removing 10 cm of bowel, and sealing the fissures.  In this emergency situation, they had no time to clean the bowel before the surgery. I guess I don’t have to tell you what a medical no-no that is, but apparently it was better to begin right away than to sew him up, do a bowel cleanse, then open him up again and perform the surgery. Unfortunately, the stitches on his colon from the second surgery didn’t hold.  They had to open him up again, re-cut and remove yet another 10 cm of bowel, this time well-ensuring it would hold.  By this time, he was in pretty bad shape, and with all these shocks to his system and his infection continuing to spread, doctors gave him only a 10% chance to live.
There was nothing they could do for him except give him time and hope his colon would start working again.  And there was no change in his condition. Deferring to me as my father’s first born son, Dr.H- looked to me to make the key medical decision for him. They had done what they could for him, but his entire recovery hinged on whether his bowel would work again or die.  “We could do a colostomy…”  “No!” I said. “He wouldn’t want that.”  Having read some of what you had to say about colostomies, and some of the horror stories you had published, I knew that that was something my father would never want.
What could I do?  I had with me from my trip to Africa some 20 Intestinal Formula #1 capsules.  I had brought them in case I or any of my team members might need the formula while we were there.  Never would I have imagined that I would end up in Korea, faced with my father’s life hanging in the balance!  But I had the pills.  I got stuck in, “I have pills from a doctor in America that are guaranteed to chemically induce peristaltic action. (I said what I said because I knew you had mentioned that the formula would work even on a cadaver’s bowel!) You give him those pills, doctor, and his bowel will work!”  He looked at me.  I was giving it my best but still knew that the decision rested in his hands.  My father’s very life, seemed to rest in the doctor’s hands.  “We’ll try it!” he said.
Well, Dr. Schulze, I am happy to say that 4 days later, Dr. H– confirmed along with 2 other doctors (at different times) that my father’s colon was indeed working again!  “I think those pills of yours must be working!” he said, with a smile.  After his colon was confirmed as working again, they transferred him to a separate room in ICU (the one usually reserved for SARS patients).  And my father is alive today. Though he was in hospital for 2 months, he now is once again traveling, writing, speaking and even playing tennis, his favorite sport. While he was still in there, coming off of the drugs, I said to Dr. H, “Isn’t his recovery amazing?”  He shook his head, correcting me.  “Miraculous.” he said.  That was all I needed to hear.  Thanks be to God for answered prayers, love from friends and loved ones, and help from Dr. Schulze’s little, magical, Formula #1 pills!
So, again, for all you readers!  Take it from someone, a Christian missionary, who’s traversed the entire globe and seen what doctors call, “Miraculous.”  Intestinal Formula #1 works!  It works so well, that it brought a man, my best friend and father, who was at death’s door, back to me again.  I couldn’t have done this without your awesome formula, Dr. Schulze.
Thank you, and God bless!
William D. Pratney
Some extra details: My father, Winkie Pratney (62 at the time) is a well-known international Christian speaker and writer, with over 14 published books and has been in Christian ministry for over 45 years.  He has a background in chemistry and has been recommending what is now known as your Super Tonic or “Master Tonic” to people world-wide for over 12 years.  News of that formula, by way of my father, is known in many places as “Winkie juice”.  Dr. Schulze, I think you probably owe some of the global “fame” of SuperTonic to my father!  We estimate that at the most critical time of his stay in ICU he had at least 10,000 people a day praying for him.  His websites, if you are interested, include,, and he is listed in Wikipedia.  We never did find out, concretely, what the original cause of all his bowel problems was.  Three days prior to his trip to Korea, though, he slipped on a wet tile rushing to close a garage door during a severe rain downpour, and fell onto some stairs.  He thought he had broken a rib.  Following that incident, he got the hiccups which lasted all the way to Korea.  We believe this accident probably brought about the strangulated colon, and may have led to the perforation and the fissures.  The hernia, mentioned as first re-repaired in Korea, he actually had for years, and although getting this taken care of was good, it alone was obviously not the main source of his initial troubles. 
The exact way the formula was administered was not included in the letter or preceeding paragraph. The formula was administered orally, by a nurse (not the doctor), during one of the two times Mr. Pratney was allowed water orally each day. Only a trace amount of liquid (perhaps 1-3 tablespoons max) was permitted down his throat each time. All other fluids were fed to him intravenously. The Intestinal Formula #1 gelatin capsules were opened, and the powder they contained was mixed with a tiny amount of water. The resulting mixture was fed to him via manually inserted feeding tube. The feeding tube was placed down his esophagus 2x per day, and was both inserted and removed fairly quickly. 

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