Resources Available as Webpages

This page provides links to resource sites and pages. Please click on a link to be redirected to the site in a new tab on your browser.

Bible Hub

Free, useful, online Bible study site that offers English concordances and commentaries, many English translations, chain and cross referencing, Hebrew texts and transliterations, Greek texts, transliterations and morphologies, and many other helpful study tools.  I would have to say that this is my “go to” site for serious Bible Study.

Christian Classics Ethereal Library

Excellent, well-respected online library of classic Christian writings. A “go to” site for students and researchers of Church History.

    Early Church Fathers Writings

Studying the first 425 years of Church History is useful in learning about the formation of modern Christian doctrine and practice.

The Daniel Files – Read Online

A life-skills manual originally written for Generation X based on Daniel 1:3-20, by William and Winkie Pratney

Faith plus Works

Excellent brief article on the relation of faith and works in Wesleyan Theology, by Jeff Paton. Gives a little history of and introduces John Fletcher’s Famous Checks to Antinomianism. Recommended reading corresponding to: Antinomianism: A Modern Heresy, Summarized and Refuted