Resources Available For Download

This page provides direct download links from this and other sites. If you click on a link, a new tab on your browser will open to the URL and the download should begin automatically.


Revival Study Bible Brochure – 9 Pages

Feel free to distribute this PDF and help us spread the word on the Revival Study Bible! 

RSB DVD Library (A Listing of Titles) – 14 Pages

Interested in what’s on the DVD that comes with the Revival Study Bible? Download the list I created here. This listing of titles shows the contents of the Bible Research Corporation’s Classical Theological Library. The Library is made exclusively available for purchase with the Revival Study Bible (hardcopy, English edition), on DVD.    

RSB DVD Library – MANUAL INSTALLATION (directions) – 2 Pgs

This PDF gives instructions for manually installing and accessing the contents of the BRC’s Classical Theological Library. If you have any comments or changes you think should be made to the document, please let me know here. My hope is that this (or a better version of it) can be made available to everyone that’s purchased a Revival Study Bible (English edition) that may have had difficulty accessing the BRC Library’s contents. 

WAP’s Basic Collagen Repair Formula – 2 Pages

For those of you interested in the formula that my father Winkie began taking in 2012 that aims to repair veins, arteries and enhance collagen production in the body by utilizing Vitamin C this is it! 

The Daniel Files – 158 Pages

A life-skills manual originally written for Generation X based on Daniel 1:3-20, by William and Winkie Pratney

Free Car Wash for the Lifetime of the Car 2 Pages

Excellent illustration revealing the absurdity of modern antinomian teaching, written by David Ravenhill.