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Dr. Richard Schulze’s powerful organic/wild harvested herbal formulae, natural remedies and nutritional products.  

Super Tonic

World-famous anti-viral, anti-bacterial, anti-fungal, anti-parasitical formula. Ingredients are all natural and all organic. Formula needs no refrigeration. Click here for the recipe to make it yourself instead (takes 2 weeks)! It has been called GNA (God’s Natural Antibiotic), as well as Master Tonic, and has been said to be “good for what ails ya!”


Ech+ (Echinacea Plus)

Formula designed to boost the immune system. Great for colds and flu.


SuperFood Plus

Plant-based supernutrition containing practically every vitamin, mineral, trace mineral, phytonutrient and Omega Fatty acid the body needs to go on!  And it’s 40% protein!

Intestinal Formula #1

Chemically inducing peristaltic bowel movement, this formula is iron-clad guaranteed to work. I have seen this formula revive the completely shut-down, traumatized bowel of a coma patient. (Read my testimony here)

Intestinal Formula #2

This formula is like an intestinal vacuum cleaner, absorbing (and taking with it) heavy metals, poisons, unwanted chemicals and even radioactive material.  

Heart Tonic

Like food for the heart. It was originally created by Dr. Schulze as a young man for his own personal use in eliminating arrhythmia and healing his (now formerly) deformed heart. A friend of mine used this formula to (gradually) drop her own skyrocketing heart rate (resting pulse of 140+BPM) to 60BPM, and also smooth out palpitations. The $100 (per) pill prescription her doctor gave her (which she was told she would have to stay on each day for the rest of her life) she was able to cease, and completely restored her heart to a healthy state using heart tonic.

Cayenne Tincture

Great for increasing blood flow to the areas it is applied (usually in a form diluted down by adding it to another solution prior to application as this stuff is very hot). Capable of dilating blood vessels many times their normal circumference when taken orally, theoretically allowing blood clots to pass thru a clogged area (i.e. the brain). Good to have on hand against heart attack and ischemic stroke. Also, for you hot-chilli heads out there, this comes with a MINIMUM heat rating of 250,000 Scoville Heat Units (up to 500,000 SHUs).  




(produced by Orange Peel Enterprises, Inc.)

Advanced Multi (Powder)

Exceptional nutritional/greens/energy (superfood) supplement that uses all natural, high quality ingredients. Certified pesticide and herbicide free. Is nice-tasting and is available in powder form.

Organic Superfood Raw (Powder)

“certified organic blend of raw green foods, superfruits, sea vegatables, and probiotic cultures. Greens Plus Organic Superfood Raw is purely vegan, and always soy, gluten, & dairy-free.”




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