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Miracle II

Miracle II is a company that produces an amazing, safe, yet powerful soap, that can clean about anything!
-hair & body
-etc. etc. etc. !


Company founder Clayton Tedeton’s written testimony of the story behind the M2 formula may be found here. An audio interview containing his spoken testimony may be found here on Youtube.

There are MANY retailers that sell M2 products online, but not all of them offer a secure (HTTPS) check-out, like these ones:




Naturalhealthcarestore.com also offers a document listing Uses and Recommendations for Miracle II here.

M2 produce a number of good products, but the 3 I find personally most useful are:


Miracle II Soap

-All-purpose cleaner -Insecticide by way of exoskeletal suffocation -Milage enhancer in vehicles (I add 7 drops to a full tank of gasoline and get maybe another 25-45 miles per tank; completely safe to the vehicle & helps keep the fuel injectors clean!)

Miracle II Neutralizer

-Blood-purifier -PH balancer (Consuming 7 drops in 6oz distilled water will give a 7.0 PH balance measurable by syliva litmus test after 5 minutes) -Eye wash

Miracle II Neutralizer Gel

-Burn (including sunburn) Gel -Eye balm (I’ve used it directly in my eyes to counter the negative effects of harmful chemicals, e.g. bike chain cleaner fluid)


Portable Water Purification


Practical, affordable water purification systems.

28oz Flip-Top Water Bottle (with Standard Filter)

28oz Flip-Top Water Bottle (with Advanced Filter)

Note: Water purified using the Advanced Filter may be a little harsh on sensative stomaches. The Standard Filter is good for most 1st world daily use.


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