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Cold Steel®

The best factory-made knives in the world


The VG-1 San Mai III® Trail Master®!


Take a look at a couple of blurbs on the Trail Master from Cold Steel’s web page:
“In terms of sharpness, edge holding and strength, it will out perform—by a wide margin—any factory made knife we know of and 99% of all hand forged knives as well! … since 1987 we have challenged the industry to make a better knife and yet, to this day, we’ve had no takers.” “This Bowie will outperform any other stainless steel Bowie in the world in terms of strength and toughness.”  – Cold Steel, 2008
If you want a Bowie knife that requires minimum maintenance and is practically immune to water, salt, air, or the humidity of a jungle environment, the VG-1 San Mai III® Trail Master® is for you!                                      

The VG-1 San Mai III® Gurka Kukri!


Need a knife/machete that will out-chop any other knife in the world? Look no further! It will out chop swords twice its size! (Yes, even expensive, hand forged Japanese Katana [Samurai] swords!)


The Bushman® knife series

(Good for safari)
Great as hunting/skinning knives when weight and versatility are factors. Strong and affordable hollow-handled knives with seamless blade/handle transitions. The handles can accept a variety of extensions allowing the knife to become a spear.  They are available in two blade styles (standard and Bowie). Both feature continuously curved blades that are ideal for skinning, and will pierce, cut, slash, slice and shear like you won’t believe.  Each comes razor sharp and includes survival sheath with utilitarian pocket.