High Quality Flashlights


Zebralight is a Texas based company that constantly tries to stay on the look-out for what flashlight users and enthusiasts actually wantUsability, output for size, and excellent craftsmanship are just some of the things Zebra Light users have come to enjoy.

The SC52 L2 (Flashlight)

This single AA battery flashlight produces a 300 lumen, 80 degree beam.

The H502 L2 (Headlamp)

This single AA battery headlamp produces a 278 lumen, 120 degree beam, and is a good choice for those that need a broad beam for up-close tasks, but don’t require a lot of throw. 
ZLs flagship light, the H501 (now discontinued) was a favorite among many. Producing an 80 lumen, 80 degree beam, and coming with an easy to use adjustable headband, it served its owner as a nearly perfect reading light. The H502 L2 is ZL’s latest offering in that same series, but brighter, and with a broader beam. 

The SC600 Mk II L2 (Flashlight)

This little flashlight produces a 1100 lumen, 80 degree beam, using a single 18650 rechargeable battery.  
Note: special batteries and charger needed.  

Lupine Lighting Systems (US Distributor)

Lupine Lighting Systems make the brightest professional commercially available headlamps in the world. Useful for trailrunners, mountain bikers, cyclists, climbers, cavers, and anyone needing a large amount of light in a small package, these lights are the ideal go-to for those who have the cash to spend.

Piko Class (Bike/Helmet/Head Lamp/Flashlight)

The Lupine Piko series sports very bright, super-lightweight, rechargeable lights that are perfect for the on-the-go traveler that needs decent light without a lot of weight. These produce a 1200 lumen, 22 degree beam. 

Betty Class (Bike/Helmet/Head Lamp/Flashlight)

The Lupine Betty series consistently is among the brightest professional commercially available LED headlamps in the world. These produce a 5000 lumen, 26 degree beam.