Camping and Hiking Gear

Big Agnes

Big Agnes is a multi-award winning Colorado based camping/hiking products company that specializes in comfort.

Seedhouse Superlight 2 (Tent)

The SL2 is a very light, 3-season, 2-man free-standing tent. The top mesh composes almost the entire body, allowing for the coolest, bug-free sleep possible in extreme heat weather conditions. With the rain-fly (cover) on, you’re protected against dust, rain and snow, although this tent is not recommended for extreme cold weather conditions. There are lighter tents available, but you’d be hard-pressed to find one lighter that allows you to fully sit-up inside (one of the main reasons I bought an SL2). The perfect tent, I’d say for desert camping.


Triangle Loft

This gear loft goes with the SL2 and is good for storing gear inside the tent off the ground and near the top. I’ve found it indespensible with my SL2.  It can be left in the tent permanently.

Sea to Summit

Sea to Summit is an Australian based outdoor adventure products company that has distribution centers around the world.  These guys are the real deal, and have gear useful for everything from regular camping/hiking and travel to kayaking and extreme cold-weather mountain hikes.

Thermolite® Reactor – Sleeping Bag Liner

Liner that when used inside a sleeping bag can add up to 15ºF (in my experience more like 7-10ºF) to the warmth experienced inside the bag. Also may be used in place of a sleeping bag in hotter conditions. Liner bags are handy to use to protect the inside of a sleeping bag from unshowered campers/hikers.  If you’ve had a long hike and haven’t had time (or energy) to shower, simply get in your liner 1st (it’s easily washed later) THEN get in your sleeping bag.


Thermolite® Reactor Extreme – Sleeping Bag Liner

Liner that when used inside a sleeping bag can add up to 25ºF to the warmth experienced inside the bag.  Also may be used in place of a sleeping bag in warm (but not hot) conditions. This is the warmest bag liner I know of.


Micro MC2 Sleeping Bag

EXTREMELY compact and lightweight 45ºF, 3-Season down sleeping bag. Rectangle foot area may be turned mummy-style by a draw-cord.


Food & Trash Dry Sack

This durable dry sack can be used to both store food (sealing in the smell from bugs and animals) and trash for carry-out. Equipped with daisy chain webbing and Hypalon® clip loops it can easily be attached to the outside of a pack or kept inside against the heat of the sun. A lightweight plastic garbage bag liner is recommended for use inside the sack for storing trash. This way, food and trash are stored separately, and the sack is kept clean inside.


Ultra-Cil® Nano Dry Sacks

ULTRALIGHT roll-top dry sacks made of 15 denier siliconized polyurethane nylon fabric. These are about the lightest, water-proof roll-top bags money can buy.


Ultra-Sil® Dry Sacks

SUPERLIGHT polyurethane coated siliconized Cordura® roll-top dry sacks.  Slightly more durable than the Ultra-Cil® Nano (but about 30% heavier), these roll-top bags are great for keeping your gear clean and dry on the road, or storing wet, dirty laundry in until your next wash. 

Dry Sacks

LIGHT roll-top dry sacks.  One gauge up again, these are more durable than the Ultra-Sil® Dry Sacks (but about 50% heavier), and are a light-weight, more compact and less expensive alternative to medium gauge roll-top dry sacks. These are great for keeping cameras and other similar electronic equipment dry and dust-free when traveling in less civilized regions of the world.


Dry River Bags

MIDWEIGHT non-PVC roll-top dry sacks. Super strong and abrasion resistant, these dry bags use 420 denier nylon fabric, and are recommended for use in kayaking, canoeing and rafting adventures.