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07-04-2012 (British Calendar System)

Just got back from the Easter Fair held in Greenlane, New Zealand.

There, amongst other things I visited various energetic jewelry vendors. Vendors selling Shuzi Qi, Life Energy Designs, Phiten, and Infinity Pro among others. I’ve been looking into energetic jewerly for years. I’ve owned a number of pieces in the past – a couple of magnetic bracelets (both of which increase my circulation and hand warmth on a cold day [the first one I tried worked well within minutes; the second one I bought was even more effective]), a Shuzi i-Band (which dampens mental noise [felt like I walked into a phone booth when I put it on – couldn’t believe the quiet I experienced mentally after I put it on], and increases my energy slightly which I feel in my chest), and 8ight holographic discs (pain/inflammation reduction, energy enhancement and sleep aid).

I am quite sensitive to physical energies. I am able to “feel” (hear?) the ultrasonic frequencies that sonic (anti-)pest controls emmit. I can feel the scanner lazers at grocery check-out counters with the palm of my hand, and I can feel when an i-Pad is connecting wirelessly if it’s within 2 feet of my head. Electro-Magnetic Frequency (EMF) Radiation is real. One of the areas I’ve been trying to research is products that can effectively neutralize or dampen the harmful effects of EMF radiation on the body. Some purport that EMF radiation emmitted by modern household & wireless devices such as dryers, blenders, cell-phones, wi-fi connecting laptops and i-Pads, etc, pose no legitimate threat to our health. Some of the research I’ve seen says otherwise. With the increase of cancer and tumors in our technologically charged world (besides MANY other diseases) I say, Can we afford to take any chances? Three areas EMF radiation could substancially affect me in are: International Air Travel (airplane engine turbines give off A LOT) Cell Phone use Wireless Internet Use (Laptop computer, i-Pad)

Today I bought an Infinity crystal pendant, embedded with 5 specifically programmed (Hz) frequencies. My understanding of energetically embedded frequency jewelry is that it works in the same way as homeopathic medicine. In homeopathy, an energy (vibrational) signature is transmitted to, and accepted by water (the matrix used to retain the energy signature), and the water is then administered IN PLACE of the medicine which holds the original energy signature. For example, water programmed with the energetic signature(s) of aspirin, would be taken INSTEAD of aspirin, and the body (theoretically) responds to the water as though ACTUAL aspirin was present in the body, even no actual aspirin is present (only water). Energy medicine practicioners have discovered how to program ANY energy signature (within a particular scale…doubt they can do gamma) into a matrix. Specialists in energy medicine find matrixes (like crystals, stones, etc) that best retain a given frequency or set of freqencies, program (embed) the matrix, and sell them as paper weights, necklaces, bracelets, etc. Anyway, I got an Infinity green Aventurine pendant. The frequencies they list to be programmed into the pendant are: 396 Hz
 417 Hz
 528 Hz 639 Hz
 741 Hz
 852 Hz

At the Phiten stand I picked up some Power Tape Patches. They contain titanium oxide, and reduce muscular pain on the areas they are placed. Phiten is the company from Japan that markets to world-class atheletes. Their products have a lot of scientific testing (mostly in Japan, from what I’ve seen) behind them. Because they don’t work by energetic programming*, they rely on the raw qualities of the metal nano-particles they utilize – paladium, gold, silver and titanium – each has it’s own particular qualities. Titanium is used to reduce muscular pain. Paladium is used to increase lymphatic flow. Silver has anti-bacterial qualities. Gold may be linked to aiding the body in preventing random/mutant cell duplication. The vendor did a demonstration on a girl who walked up with some of her friends – she had been suffering from a strained deltoid (shoulder) muscle. She couldn’t raise her arm higher than shoulder level without pain. The vendor did a taping (using Phiten “UP’s tape”) on the area she complained of pain in. He then also rubbed some E-water massage lotion on the surrounding area. He asked her to test her arm. She slowly raised her arm, and was able to put it well over her head. She was amazed. I was too.

The other product I got was the Schuzi i-Shield. It is supposed to help the body deal with the harmful effects of EMF radiation emmitted by electronic devices. Although I thought they were quite thin, when attempting to place one in my cell phone battery compartment, I found it was far too thick to fit in. I eventually ended up placing it on the outside of my phone. It adds (what I consider to be) significant weight to the phone, and is 1mm thick. I would definitely go with a thinner EMF neutralizer for my cell phone in the future. Whether or how well the i-Shield works I don’t know. But I know from experience that my i-Band definitely works.

These are some of the energetic products I looked at today.

  * 02-05-2012 (British Calendar System) I have just learned that the Power Tape Patches (which utilize titanium) DO IN FACT use a type of energetic programming. The technique known as Phild processing is performed on the titanium embedded in the tape, allowing the carbonized titanium (oxide) to “assist in regulating bio-electric currents” when in close proximity to the body. (So it works pretty much the same as most energetic jewelry)