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       The CONCLUSIONS study that I began in September 2009 is nearing completion. A few of the larger studies that came out of it have yet to be completed. As many of you know, writing and publishing is quite an involved process. Though many of the smaller studies that came out of or during the UC Study are finished, laying them out in a finished form, that I’m happy with publically presenting may take some time. 

       For those of you unfamiliar with the study, “Ultimate Conclusions” may seem like quite a lofty title. I would like to say that they are ultimate conclusions that I have arrived at personally, so it might also be called, “William’s Ultimate Conclusions.” These conclusions were arrived at in a search for real answers and truth, which was ignited by personal restlessness with the current state of the Western Church, as well as the felt attempts of doctrinal persuation by some of my peers. I felt like people were trying to pull me doctrinally this way and that. I had had enough! I was out to find some answers for myself, and, for others with the view to present them to all who might be receptive to my findings.

       The conclusions were arrived at during a time of hundreds of hours of study, investigation and research in Church History and Scripture. The lives and messages of some of the better-known and world-affecting saints were looked at. The study, long-before it began, I had decided, whatever the outcome, to call Ultimate Conclusions